• Improving the Employment and Living Standard of People.

Welcome to DEV Groups

The Dev Group society was discovered in November 2014 as a non profitable organization dedicated to Education Development and Skill Development. Its main mission is to reduce the illiteracy and poverty with the goals to improve the employment and living standard of people; some of them are orphans and many other who are deprived of getting education. We educate them; our emphasis is on health, preventing H.I.V; T.B and other harmful communicable diseases.

President’s Message

Anil Goyal President DEV GroupWe started our journey with few development plans. I often find myself across the table from a company owner or marketing…

Our Organization

Mr. Anil Goyal started this society in the year 2014 with few development plans and continue this project since November 2014, he motivate our staff and learnt them that work hard and never give up. Success automatically lies on your hand.

Our Motto

Dev Group’s Motto is “Good Health and Well Education”. We work in the field of skill improvement and professional training; established with a mission to provide high quality and job oriented training for the development of teaching methodologies.

We Are Different

“Give man a bread and you feed him for a day; teach a man to bread and you feed him for lifetime.” Keeping this objective in mind, we help the youth with Skill Development and providing them an opportunity by placing them in India’s top brands.

Why Us

The following are a few reasons why our employees love it at Dev Group Society: Do Good while Earning Well, Work with Smart Individuals, Learn Constantly, Be a Leader, Work like a Member

Projects We Work On